Carlin Developments are planning to bring a new masterpiece to Queenstown of exceptional distinction. Reminiscent of a 5-star European boutique villa and traveller’s accommodation, a symbol of remarkable craftsmanship, innovation and uncompromising quality.

This development will suit discerning investors who desire to own a unit title share in a tourist accommodation that overlooks the breathtaking vistas of Queenstown’s alpine village resort and Lake Wakatipu.

Enjoy the benefits of 5 star service in your holiday home 30-90 days per year and earn up to 7% on your investment through the Developers experienced Management Team.

On arrival, guests will enter the Villa’s Grand Room. The Grand Room provides a fireside lounge area that includes a cocktail and local wine bar, a grand piano, activities desk and a visitor reception area.

This project consists of 10 two-keyed apartments offering 20 visitor accommodation suites in total.

8 high end apartments (100m2 – 130m2)

Sub penthouse (150m2)

Penthouse (125m2)

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